A brand new attraction planned for the Mildura-Wentworth region, featuring two large-scale immersive light installations from famed global artist Bruce Munro. Opening in 2024, the project comprises two site-specific installations – one in Mildura, Victoria and one in Wentworth, New South Wales – reflecting the region’s unique landscape, culture and stories. The project has the potential to increase new overnight visitation to the region and grow its visitor economy by up to $130M annually.

Expressions of interest are open for partnership opportunities, community groups, sporting clubs and individuals interested in supporting the project delivery and future operations. 

  • Opening of Trail of Light at Lake Cullulleraine (2024)
  • Opening of Fibre Optic Symphony Orchestra (FOSO) at Wentworth (2024)

The light art exhibitions will be open to visitors for 5 years. There is potential to extend the season for several more months or years based on the success of the operation.

Comprising of two contrasting installations designed to be experienced over two separate evenings.  One provides an opportunity for quiet contemplation, a gentle massed light installation that amplifies the natural beauty of the region’s waterways and encourages unhurried meditation and reflection. The other is a fusion of new technology, light and sound that emulates a desert symphony, set among a natural amphitheater. Visitors can view the scale and grandeur of the work before walking through the installation to become part of the experience. The project is currently in design and delivery phase. Specifications will be made available soon. 

Bruce Munro is an English-Australian artist renowned for producing grand immersive site-specific light installations. His innovative and iconic light installations incorporate emotive themes matched with natural landscapes. Munro has produced more than 45 exhibitions globally, including in Australia, UK, the USA, Denmark, Mexico and South Korea. His Australian work includes Uluru’s Field of Light and Field of Light: Avenue of Honour in Albany WA.
The light installations will operate to a seasonal schedule to accommodate fluctuating demand and visitor periods throughout the year. During peak holiday seasons, the light installations have the potential to operate seven days a week.

Mildura Regional Development has secured funding from both Victoria (Regional Tourism Investment fund), and NSW Government (Regional Tourism Activatin Fund). 

Yes. We welcome EOIs from all interested parties across Australia.

We are calling for expressions of interest from  interested for the delivery of services upon operation of the project/s.

Partnerships and opportunities include but is not limited to:

Food & Beverage providers (e.g food trucks and catering companies)

Accommodation providers at all levels (hotels, glamping)

Tour and transport companies

Mildura Regional Development is looking for community groups and/or individuals who are interested in supporting and participating in project development and delivery.

Opportunities exist for sporting clubs, volunteer groups, school groups and interested individuals to provide in-kind support to the project in the lead up to the opening as part of final delivery.